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Bumbleride Indie Twin – WIN A FREE DOUBLE STROLLER (a $755 value)

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Stroller review, pros and cons, and all the details to help you decide if this is the best double stroller for your family.

The Bumbleride Indie Twin is a brilliant stroller for an urban mom! It’s perfect for children of different ages, or twins, and can accommodate any weight combination up to 90 pounds. Each side of the stroller is car seat adaptable. The Indie Twin allows the children to stroll side by side one another. I was especially fond of this, as I didn’t want one of my children staring at the other child’s tushie every time we go for a walk.

I know what you are thinking; those side-by-side strollers are so wide, WRONG! I can happily report, from much experience, that if you do not attach the cup holder, you can easily maneuver in and out of most standard doorways—the stroller is only 29 inches wide. However, it’s Colorado and you need your bottle of water with you at all times, so if you are going for a stroll and not entering any buildings, then snap it on. And, bonus, the Bumbleride comes with the drink holder. I don’t know too many other strollers that actually give you this standard with purchase. It’s always an additional fee. My husband and I still fight about the $29 cup holder from the Bugaboo that broke within weeks of purchase.

Chaise Lounges & Car Seats

Each side of the stroller can adapt to one of nine different popular brands of car seats. But, if you want to fit two car seats in the stroller, then the only dual infant seating option is with Maxi Cosi Mico car seat. Plan ahead if you can.

Both sides of the stroller have individual straps to recline the seats. One can be raised while the other can be nearly flat for a sleeping child. There are infinite settings. The footrests of the seats adjust as well and go far enough up for newborns and low enough down for bigger kids. The adjustable footrests are a rarity in double strollers and a huge bonus. It’s great that the stroller can literally “grow” with the child.

Steering & Handle Bars

One of my biggest complaints with strollers has always been maneuverability. As my mom always tells me, Julie, the umbrella stroller just doesn’t handle like the other stroller (the $600 one!) I need to be able to direct the stroller with one hand and sip coffee with the other. NO PROBLEM with the Bumbleride! Not only that, the handle bar is adjustable to six different levels for any imaginable height. This is wonderful as I am barely over 5 feet tall and my husband is closer to 6 feet tall.

I didn’t know this fact until I mistakenly went for a jog and had the front wheels going in every which way. You can LOCK the front wheels and the company doesn’t even recommend jogging UNLESS you lock the front wheels, whoops! After correcting this little snafu I went on my next light jog and it handled great. While I wouldn’t take this stroller on a rocky hike up the mountains, it can truly handle any city terrain and light hiking trail. I even was surprised how well it did in mild muddy conditions. And, with the insistent snow in February, we were still able to get out and tackle most roads.


Oh dear. There is just no escaping the dreaded flat tire. One of the biggest issues with so many strollers are the tires. Those little goat’s heads that pop tires are abundant on sidewalks and in parks throughout the metro area. It drove me bananas, or I should say, drove me nowhere as my previous stroller was always out of commission. I was constantly bringing our stroller into the bike shop to get it fixed and filled with slime. The tires on the Bumbleride are an all-terrain, but still susceptible to the elements. You can get them filled with the slime to help prevent flats or call up Little Tires & Wheels (303-935-1972) in Englewood. These guys are wheel geniuses and can fix any wheel or find the perfect replacement.


Storage is vital in a stroller, especially in Colorado where kids need different layers for the ever-changing weather, tons of water and everything else from a stuffed tiger to a soccer ball. The Indie Twin has a large cargo basket below with ample room for purses, jackets, backpacks, tigers, gear and more. Plus, there is a small pocket behind each canopy seat perfect for keys, cell phone, wallet, etc.

Sun Canopies

The Bumbleride features a SPF 45 lining on their canopies. The canopies can pull down further than most other strollers to cover a child and offer a zip-off portion for breath ability and fresh air.


Standard with the purchase of the Indie Twin is the headrest and shoulder pads, cup holder, and jogging strap. Additional accessories available for purchase include car seat adapters, carrycots, bumper bars, snack packs, and footmuffs and liners (think sleeping bag for little ones).

The Collapsibility Factor

As I just returned from a solo flight mission with the two little ones AND a canceled flight with numerous delays, I can attest to the ease of the stroller fold. I would not have survived the trip or the airport without the Bumbleride. It’s pretty easy to collapse. You will need two hands which can be a challenge if you have to hold a baby in one hand. However, once you free your hands, it’s a three step process and relatively simple. The stroller collapses to 15 inches high when folded. The total weight of the stroller is 34 pounds (sans kids) which isn’t bad for a double.

Odds and Ends

The Bumbleride Indie Twin comes with a one-year warranty from date of purchase. The stroller is also a finalist in the CRIBSIE awards category: double stroller that will save your sanity and the Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Double Stroller for Twins. ( and )

It’s available in 8 different colors. I actually have the ocean color, which is perfect for Colorado moms, not because of the color, but rather the interior fabric of the ocean is a bamboo fiber blend, which keeps baby cool and offers an ultra soft touch. The exterior fabric of the ocean is made up of 14 recycled plastic bottles! Now, that’s Colorado hip!


Sold on the Bumbleride? Regardless if you are ready to pull the trigger on a double stroller or not, please go here for a chance to win your own BUMBLERIDE INDIE TWIN or INDIE! Yes, Bumbleride in conjunction with Mile High Mamas is giving away a stroller to one lucky mom at a value of ($755.00) . Learn more about Indie Twin at Contest deadline is May 15, 2012. 

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