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Three new rides, three new shows coming to Elitch Gardens

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Three new rides are opening at Elitch Gardens this year, including Tube Top, a slide that features a double-spiral, zero-gravity funnel and a vortex turn. The theme and water park’s other two rides will be added to KiddieLand. Rockin’ Tug simulates the gentle motion of ocean waves, and Tike Bikes is a motorcycle ride. KiddieLand will have a new entrance, new theater and 14 rides.

The rides will make 2012 “the most exciting season in recent history,” said Tracy Durham, Elitch Gardens’ director of marketing.

The theme park also said it will feature three new shows: “Cirque Innosta Verano,” a 360-degree stage experience; “Rock School for Kids,” featuring Johnny Rocket Pop and Darla Drumstick; and “Reflections,” a night show. All shows, the year’s eight concerts and nearly all the rides, including the three new ones, are free with park admission.

-Howard Pankratz

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