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When Mamas Go Wild–Mile High Mamas Night Out Revisited!

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[photopress:Dnote.jpg,full,pp_image]Let’s face it: being a “mommy blogger” does not just entail writing about the kids. Sometimes we like to break out and have a Moms Gone Wild Mama’s Night Out. Because great eats + live music the offspring = good times.

Many of Colorado’s most prominent mommy bloggers gathered at the D Note in Arvada for food, drinks, mingling and live music last Wednesday night. Freebies were in abundance and giveaways came from Random House, a Potty Tots Potty Training Kit (which a few mamas fought over), BornFit, (our favorite activewear for moms that is also locally-based), a gift certificate for Menu of the Week, and the grand prize was a professional teeth whitening from Town Center Dentistry and Orthodontics, a $350 value! I did the drawing and was delighted to select my own name for the grand prize.

It wasn’t rigged, promise.

And yes, I did award it to Jen of Laughing at Chaos. Bummer.

In an effort to maximize mingling, I visited everyone’s blogs and selected a few gems about each blogger. I then set them loose to try to discover who matched the descriptions. A little insight into the evening and those who attended:

*A relative unknown named Ellen Degeneres helped launch her career. Ask her about it! (Olivia of BabyCandy and Congrats from Colorado)

*Recently entitled a post—Blogs I’m Reading: Photography and Hemorrhoids but NOT Photography of Hemorrhoids. Known to wear flip flops, whatever the season. Claims to be from California but could be part Canuck. (Holly of What Was I Saying Again?)

*Is rumored to have said, “You haven’t seen me naked” during a 9News interview. (Lisa, owner of BornFit)

*Is such an optimist that she has coined [photopress:Lori.jpg,full,pp_image]“Perfect Mondays” on her blog. Ask how she got started and if she is aware that Mondays are anything BUT perfect? (Lori of Weebles Wobblog and party organizer extraordinaire)

*Is trying to teach herself HTML code while juggling the life of a zookeeper. Ask her what is code for ANIMALISTIC. (Nini of Delirious Zoo)

*Married to a comedian but with a blog tagline like “Suck on this,” she may be their family’s front-runner for humor. (Sarah of Imaginary Binky)

*Is a tech-talking mama who recently discovered and excitedly blogged about it. Huh? (Beckie of Tech Talk for Moms)

*Has a propensity for consuming antibiotics and is the hottest former band geek around. (Jen of Laughing at Chaos)

*Kids range in age from 3 to 17. A toddler and a teenager? Someone give her gold medal. Kids also profess Girl Scout cookies make her happy. Mindy of Single Mom Mindy)
[photopress:Dnote1.jpg,full,pp_image] *Pastimes include vacuuming up Polly Pocket accessories, Yo Gabba Gabba, red wine, Family Guy and laundry for two sets of twins. (Laura of LaLa Girl)

*Generally very well behaved. Just don’t ask her about CSAP, the “fun” in fundraising, or about her life as a former mean girl. (Gretchen of LifeNut)

*Has been known to write about needing more kittens in her life and about why her husband will be mortified. (Jenna of Peace It Together)

*Recently worked with Mom Central to promote Disney on Ice. Ask her to demonstrate a double-axle. (Annie-Marie of A Mama’s Rant)

*Has a love for knee-high tube socks and has them featured on her blog’s header. (Denise of Eat Play Love)

*Has a daughter who was recently accepted to college. Also likes Lemons. (Sarah of Lemony Sarah)

*Her little N-Man is officially enrolled in preschool and already has his first crush. Who could it be? Think: older woman. (Cyndi of Li’l CyndiLu Who)

*Just completed Week One as a Shredhead and is already seeing big results. Ask her to flex. (JoAnn of Casual Perfectionist)

*Recently infected her family with lice. Debatable whether she should be out in public.

The identity of the final clue shall remain anonymous. However if you read this blog with any regularity, you already know the sad, sad answer.

Mile High Mamas is not an exclusive group and we invite any and all Colorado moms who blog to join in the fun. Haven’t yet started a blog and want to learn how? Read Blogging 101: A Non-Techie’s Guide.

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  • comment avatar Jenna Hallock March 30, 2009

    We really should do this again soon! Thanks so much to all the moms who shared their passions and listened to mine.

    I’m beginning to highlight those with businesses at – be sure to look for youself there!

  • comment avatar MindyMom March 30, 2009

    It was a great night and I had fun getting to know everyone. Glad to be a part of it and look forward to the next one!

    Btw, my blog is Single Mom Says…

  • comment avatar Erin March 30, 2009

    I’m sorry to have missed this one, sounds like it was loads of fun!

  • comment avatar Anne-Marie at A Mama's Rant March 30, 2009

    I had a great time. Nothing like getting together with people who understand what RSS feeds and Twitter are. I’d also love to get together to share knowledge – maybe a geek retreat where we go somewhere quiet and help each other with our blogs.

  • comment avatar Nini March 30, 2009

    It was great fun!
    Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity to meet up with such wonderful local mamas!

  • comment avatar Amber Johnson March 30, 2009

    So great seeing everyone again. For those who did not make it, fingers are crossed you will attend the next one!

  • comment avatar Amber Johnson March 30, 2009

    P.S. Anne-Marie–I LOVE the idea of a geek retreat. Wheels are turning….

  • comment avatar imaginary binky March 30, 2009

    I had a great time! Sadly, I did not stay long enough to trash the place and make out with the old men in the jug band, but so it goes.

    I’d love to do the coffee shop thing. My ‘hood is full of them. I’ll put my thinking cap on and let you know of any ideas…

    – Sarah

    Denver Motherhood Examiner

  • comment avatar Amber Johnson March 30, 2009

    Sarah–I knew you had a thing for the rockin’ old guy with the scruffy beard. 😉

  • comment avatar Laura aka LaLaGirl March 30, 2009

    I’m so glad I made the trip all the way to Arvada! The D-Note was a blast! I’m jealous of Lori that I don’t get to hang out with my kids there on Sunday afternoons. If you haven’t been over there, go check it out – it’s so much fun checking out Old Town Arvada, and this place has so much character. I probably would have preferred our table to be further than 18 inches from the live band, but the music was great!! And I got good at lip reading! 😀

    What a fun group of ladies! I loved seeing so many of you again, and meeting so many of you for the first time! And we should do this more often! I vote for impromptu backyard barbecues, even. Summer is coming, you know!

    Laura from LaLaGirl

  • comment avatar Laura aka LaLaGirl March 30, 2009

    Those guys were a hoot, weren’t they? I got there early and offered to hold the door for an old guy carrying an amp – he scoffed at me. Haha!

  • comment avatar Amber Johnson March 30, 2009

    Laura–I think that old guy could have kicked ANY of our butts. :-)

  • comment avatar Amber Johnson March 30, 2009

    And I loooove the idea of a backyard BBQ. Casual, yet fun!

  • comment avatar Lori in Denver March 30, 2009

    I loved meeting all these women who regularly tell great stories.

    Thanks, Amber, for being the Head Mama Herder.

    Can’t wait ’til next time, and I also vote for Anne-Marie’s idea.

  • comment avatar Dawn Billesbach aka mealplannigmom March 30, 2009

    That was lots of fun. Looking forward to the next one.

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  • comment avatar jen March 30, 2009

    I had a fantastic time that night, and loved winning the teeth whitening! :) Next time we get together I’ll blind you all with my shiny whites. LOL! Amber, thanks so much for assembling this! And Anne-Marie…I love the idea of a geek retreat! Love. Would go! We must all get together again soon, somewhere slightly quieter, but anywhere is good!

  • comment avatar Momma, The Casual Perfectionist March 30, 2009

    I had so much fun, and it was AWESOME to put faces to names and blogs. It was great! I can’t wait for the next one! :)

  • comment avatar Anonymous March 30, 2009

    I’m seriously bummed to have missed it. (Damn this cold that just won’t go away.) Sounds like a great time. I hope to see you all at the next one fo’ sho’. :)

  • comment avatar Holly March 30, 2009

    I had a blast meeting all of you, we must do this more often! Thanks Amber, you are a rock star!

  • comment avatar Beckie March 31, 2009

    We had a wonderful time! It was nice to finally meet you all!
    Beckie & Lisa

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