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Water World Family Four-Pack Giveaway! ($120 value)

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Congratulations to the three winners of our VTech prize pack giveaway: Jen Merrill, Allison Wagner and Linda Jones!

[photopress:waterworld.jpg,full,pp_image]I have lived in Colorado for five years and just last weekend, I went to Hyland Hills Water World for the first time. I know. It is tough to believe this Canuck who melts in 80-degree temperatures has survived this long without visiting the nation’s largest family water park a.k.a. ultimate cooldown.

My first visit was with my children to checkout Big Top, their latest family-friendly area. The new circus-themed playground spans three acres and features multiple activities for tikes and toddlers to play on the new slides, in a family-style lazy river and with circus animals galore. The area is adjacent to the newly refurbished Fun H2Ouse, which offers hundreds of water gags and activities, the new TurboRacer (my favorite) and three of the highest and fastest slides in North America. I should know. I careened down so fast I got a royal wedgie on one of them.

My second visit was yesterday with our friends Karla, Ivan and their three children. I was a bit nervous about some of the scarier rides but reasoned I would just hang out with my pregnant friend and her seven-year-old son. Until their two teen-agers Rachel and Jesse took me under their wing and dragged me to every freaky ride in the park. “C’mon, it will be fun, Amber.” Note to the wise: teen-agers have a warped sense of entertainment.

But I [barely] survived them all. I got pummeled by Thunder Bay, dumped out on my butt from the Toilet (Space) Bowl, Voyaged to the Center of the Earth and braved a Storm or two. But the scariest of all was when I became a human Zoomerang, shooting down a slide so steep that I thought I would catapult right over my tube. I was in such shock that I forgot to scream the first few seconds and had to remind myself, “This is scary. Scream now.” And I did. Long and loud.

Really, what impressed me most about Water World is it is The Little Train that Could and has evolved as a world leader in the water and amusement park industry. I was even more impressed to learn that it is not privately owned but part of the Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District, a non-profit organization.

At Mile High Mamas, we are pleased to offer four day passes to Water World as a giveaway! Simply email us at with “The Big Top” in the subject line. Please include your mailing address. The contest deadline is July 12, 2008.

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