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Mile High Mamas was created as an entertaining community resource for Colorado moms. The site includes regular posts by some of Colorado’s most popular mommy bloggers,  eventsfamily travel, activities regular contests, Foodie Friday with recipes and restaurant picks and product reviews. If you would like to have one of your products featured for a contest or review, please contact us for consideration.

Mile High Mamas strives to use the very latest social networking tools and we want to keep you on the cutting edge. We can be found on Twitter and be sure to join us on Facebook for fun updates and freebies.

Mile High Mamas sends out a weekly email newsletter detailing Colorado’s hottest topics, events and deals for Colorado moms. Don’t miss out so be sure to sign-up here. Do you have an event you would like to publicize? You will soon be able to submit your events to our calendar for consideration.

We are also pleased to launch our Denver Deal. Money-saving mama Gretchen Yoder rounds up the very best bargains, coupons, sales, frugal tips and freebies specifically with Colorado moms in mind. If you know of any great deals, please email her at gretchen_yoder at yahoo dot com.

The site is moderated by the Editor, Amber Johnson. Every month, Mile High Mamas publishes blog posts from mom guest bloggers. To submit a blog post to be considered for publication, please email amber at If you are a business, please contact us on our advertising page about our affordable sponsored post rates.
Mile High Mamas occasionally hosts a Mama’s Night Out where Colorado’s most influential social media moms gather. Past events have been hosted by the Warwick Hotel and Sephora in Boulder. In exchange, our moms blogged and tweeted about the venue, providing invaluable publicity. Please contact us if you are a community partner and are interested in working with us. Be sure to go to our Advertising page for more information.

Mile High Mamas  was the Community Blogger winner of the 2013 DFMie award in recognition of journalistic excellence from The Denver Post’s parent company, Digital First Media. We were a finalist in the National Newspaper Association’s Digital Edge Awards (“The Edgies”) and received an Honorable Mention for Web Site Excellence from the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ).

Remember above all else, this site is about you and for you as a mother. The participants determine its tone and direction. We encourage you to log on and help us make Mile High Mamas Colorado’s most enlightening, supportive and entertaining parenting website.

A few of the Mile High Mamas bloggers: Susan, Amber, Jaime, Lori, Lisa, Heather and Gretchen. Photography: Iman Woods. Stylists: Sarah D. (make-up) and Dawn Capra-Grace (hair)

Disclosure: While Mile High Mamas’ bloggers often receive free or discounted products, they are not compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the blog owners. If we claim or appear to be experts on a certain topic or product or service area, we will only endorse products or services that we believe, based on our expertise, are worthy of such endorsement. In accordance to FCC regulations, we disclose such relationships.

Mama Bloggers


Mile High Mamas is the brainchild of Amber, a former adventure-travel writer turned adventurous unraveling mother of two children. She attests the former birth was considerably less painful than the latter two, epidurals notwithstanding.

She is originally from Canada but spent a number of years working as a publicist for Utah’s ski and outdoor industry whilst moonlighting as a radio personality and travel writer. She relinquished her wanderlust life to marry the real love of her life twelve years ago.

She and her husband Jamie are outdoor aficionados and share this passion with their two children, Hadley (age 10) and Bode (age 8). Amber’s self-deprecating humor is her coping mechanism for the daily joys and mayhem of motherhood and is what has kept her sane. Well, most of the time. She consoles herself that all other lapses make for stellar blog fodder. And the fact she is married to a man who is obsessed with growing The Great Pumpkin.

Amber was a columnist for The Denver Post’s $MART section and was named the Grand Prize Winner in Microsoft Office’s Winter Games Contest and was their accredited blogger at the 2010 Vancouver Games. She works as a social media strategist at Pixo Web Design & Strategy and is currently Skype’s Family Ambassador and a Soybu Community Leader. She has been named as a Brand Enthusiast for companies such as SC Johnson, Disney Social Media Moms, Sara Lee, Nintendo and Playtex and is a frequent spokesperson for brands on Denver-area news stations. She has been blogging since 2005 ( and was honored in Westword magazine’s Best of Denver edition.

Amber has been the recipient of numerous awards including 1st Place Online General Excellence for the Colorado Associated Press Editors and Reporters Association; Finalist in the National Newspaper Association’s Digital Edge Awards; Honorable Mention for General Website Excellence, Society of Professional Journalists. She is a family travel writer and a regular contributor for various publications and travel sites. Twitter ID: @TheMileHighMama

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Lori has lived in the Denver metro area for most of her life. She and her husband are now raising her two children, Tessa (13) and Reed (11) in the same zip code where she grew up.Lori is the award-winning author of the new book, The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption: Helping Your Child Grow Up Whole, written with her daughter’s birth mom for people involved in international, foster, and domestic adoptions. She writes regularly at her blog LavenderLuz about adoptive parenting, open adoption, and living mindfully and is a frequent columnist at The Huffington Post.Lori is also a sought-after speaker and workshop leader. She spoke at BlogHer08 about Adoption/neonatal Loss/Infertility (ALI), was honored at BlogHer10 as a Top 10 Must-Read Mom by Parenting magazine, and presented at BlogHer12 about writing authentically. Her blog and book have been named by Adoptive Families as one of among the very best.

On Twitter she’s @LavLuz and you can also find her on Facebook or in the carpool line.

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Gretchen was born in Denver in the early 1970s. Her first six years were spent in the suburbs, out in the middle of nowhere near Hampden and I-25. She thought the center of the universe was the big fountain at Cinderella City and that Mayor McNichols and Mayor McCheese were brothers.

Then her father got news. His job was being transferred to a place with no mall. No escalators. No fountains. No Elitches. Quite rudely she was taken from Denver to the remote desert and peach-dotted landscape of Grand Junction. It was a good thing, ultimately. She learned to love the astounding natural beauty of our state. She realized if she couldn’t be entertained by the offerings of a big city, she’d have to entertain herself. So she began to read and write and plot ways to escape. After high school graduation, she joined the tie-dyed masses at CU-Boulder, promising her friends back home she’d never, ever change. But she did.

After three years of classes like Ancient Athletics, she returned home to Grand Junction where she got a job slinging burritos and beer at a local favorite hangout. Not content to forever ask “red or green chili?” she enrolled at Mesa State College, where she met her future husband, Lee. They each earned a BA in English Literature. Shortly after graduation, they married and settled into a quiet life in the Grand Valley. Their first daughter, Aidan, was born in 1997. Their second child, a boy named Ryley, came along a mere 18 months later. Job prospects for English majors weren’t abundant in the Grand Valley, so they decided to move back to the Denver metro area in mid-1999.

Five more kids have joined the family since returning to the front range and another is on the way. Their names are Sam, Tommy, Joel, Beatrix and Archer. Life with seven kids is never quiet, so she began blogging in 2004 as a way to record and reflect on the whirlwind. She calls her blog Lifenut. She is also a regular contributor for the popular blog 5 Minutes for Parenting. Twitter ID: lifenut

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Gretchen is a single mama. She grew up right here in Denver area (with a short stint as a youngster in Steamboat Springs). Gretchen is always busy and loves to be “on the go” deals are an important part of making sure that she can do so much! Her son and daughter also enjoy the benefits of all the deals the Gretchen finds.

Gretchen loves to be outdoors, hiking, biking or just playing a friendly game of wiffle ball with her son – he somehow usually wins. She is addicted to coupons and finding the best deals or entering sweepstakes (one day she will win something really great).

Gretchen is excited about contributing to Mile High Mamas’ Daily Deal and looks forward to hearing about great deals from readers.

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Lisa is a small town girl who came to the big city for college and never left. One of Colorado’s rare natives, she has lived throughout the state from the mountains to the plains and everywhere in between.

Lisa and her husband are raising two big-brained boys who keep them on their toes, literally and figuratively. She has worked with children and families for more than two decades and is passionate about doing what is right for children, hers and everyone else’s.

A vegetarian and vanilla soy latte addict, Lisa spends her days striving finding the balance between the never ending details of life. The strength and support of family and friends keeps her going and feeds her spirit. As a recovering perfectionist, Lisa’s mantra is “life is a practice.” Practice leads to growth and more opportunity to practice. Motherhood continues to provide a consistent source of these opportunities!

As most mothers do, Lisa wears many hats in life, the most important of which is Mama. She is also a school social worker, behavioral consultant, parent coach, yoga instructor, blogger, freelance writer, and the list goes on… She created Behavior Support Solutions, a parent coaching and resource website, writes Laughing Yoga Mama blog, and loves sharing the tips, tricks, and perspective shifts that make a difference in her journey through motherhood and life.

With her ever present smile and infectious giggle Lisa is committed to using kindness and humor to create a supportive community of motherhood; helping moms to be gentle with themselves and their children, find their strengths, and continue to reflect and grow each day. Twitter ID: @laughingyogamom

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Jaime’s passion for adventure writing pairs well with motherhood. With 2.5 young children – Silas, Noelle and an obnoxious, fuzzy lap dog Fiona Belle – life is far from mundane and inevitably results in abundant content ideas. Sounds convenient but there is one sure downfall…the title of “mom” includes remedying all of the chaos continually produced in mass, wince.

As a Colorado native, Jaime had the privilege of taking completely for granted the amazing surroundings of her childhood hometown – located in the Heart of the Rockies – the perfect setting for an outdoor enthusiast in the making. An escape to the beautiful town of Salida (with an itinerary of sunshine and powder) remains one of Jaime’s favorite rejuvenation techniques.

A Bachelor of Science in business marketing from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and four years spent in the confines of a dorm room – three of them as a resident advisor – left Jaime’s heart longing for wide-open spaces (the state of Wyoming wasn’t exactly what she had in mind). Her venture north landed her in the English Department at the University of Wyoming, working with an array of intriguing characters, and ultimately sparking her passion and love for the art of writing.

Life in Colorado and the gift of motherhood leaves Jaime feeling supremely blessed, not to mention amazing family, friends, epic adventure, divine inspirations, ski country, Rocky Mountains, 360 days of sunshine, and the abundant opportunities she is ever grateful for including: blogging at Wine Glass Slipper, conducting editorial reviews, travel writing, freelance marketing, serving on countless committees (#habitualvolunteer) and of course, the honor of being part of the remarkable Mile High Mamas team. Twitter ID: NicestMomBlog

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Christina has lived in Denver for five years with her husband and two daughters. Since moving here, she has been obsessing over how to bake fluffy cookies at altitude and trying to predict the unpredictable weather patterns of the Front Range.

After the birth of her first daughter, she traded her career in multimedia/web design for a full-time role at home with her kids. These days she’s project managed by two toddlers who have high standards and expectations for Play-Doh sculptures, couch forts, and tea parties. When she’s not forgetting to feed the goldfish, neglecting laundry, or avoiding the grocery store, she’s writing, and making mediocre meals for her family. 

In addition to Mile High Mamas, Christina occasionally contributes to Felicity Huffman’s What the Flicka? and has also been featured on the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop and Scary Mommy. You can read more from Christina at her personal blog, and follow her third pregnancy at: Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine’s Knocked Up Blog.

On Twitter she’s @christinaantus, but she has no idea how to really use it. You can also find her on Facebook or hiding in the closet. Eating candy.

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Julie Bielenberg is a Denver-based writer. She was a managing editor for a regional home and lifestyle publication before starting Tweeter Communications, her editorial services boutique. With a BA in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin, a MA in Humanities from the University of Colorado and five years experience in Mexican radio and television, Julie has a very diverse background and bilingual career. Her passion is writing and she currently contributes to numerous lifestyle publications and outlets. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her boys—two dogs, a son and husband—in the mountains of Colorado.

Once Julie’s editors heard she was pregnant in 2009, the mommy story requests began coming and haven’t stopped. Julie has written dozens of stories on pregnancy, life with infants, shopping advice for moms and traveling with children. Nearly a year into life with her first child, Julie makes it her passion to be an urban chic mom. Balancing both work and play with Hank the Tank is the best challenge she has ever been given. In trying to accomplish this feat, Julie enjoys writing and researching about everything motherhood.

Julie is also a contributing editor for The American Dog and regularly appears in Colorado Meetings + Events and Denver Magazine. She has also covered diverse topics for All of her editorial can be found at

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Photo credit: Pin-up photography by Iman Woods. Sarah D. (make-up) and Dawn Capra-Grace (hair).

The Mama Creed

Welcome to Mile High Mamas, a place for area moms to connect and reflect.

Where isolation is obsolete, laughter reigns and judgments cease.

We are in the prime of our lives. If we were slabs of meat. And since we are not, we are over-tired mamas who love our children.

But don’t necessarily always like what they do.

We dream of a maid but live under our laundry pile.

We relish Girl’s Night Out, mini-vacations and playgroups.

We don’t always shower but manage to look purdy anyway.

We believe our children are brilliant, beautiful and blessings.

That toddlers and teen-agers are terrors terrific.

We believe Teletubbies are of the devil.

We acknowledge that insecurities, frustrations and calamities are a part of motherhood.

Above all, we laugh, learn, cry and vent.

And it is here we are reminded that we are not alone.

P.S. We like chocolate. Lots of it.